Welcome to iFoldi

Ultra-lightweight mobility scooters

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Welcome to iFoldi

Ultra-lightweight mobility scooters

Welcome to iFoldi

Ultra-lightweight mobility scooters

Welcome to iFoldi
Welcome to iFoldMobility
Award winning mobility solutions 
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Our scooters have been engineered and built from the ground up to provide a simple solution to modern mobility needs.

Where will the next adventure unfold

A world of adventure is about to unfold. With a clever, compact design and unique folding capabilities, our iFold scooter is the perfect travel companion for those who love to explore. Easy to lift and transport, the iFold opens up plenty of new opportunities...the world really is your oyster.

Travel Approved

Designed with travel in mind, the iFold UltraLite meets airline regulations, allowing you to bring it on board as a carry-on item. And thanks to it's compact design, it's perfectly suited to bus and train travel, too.

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Total Length: 1020 mm
Total width: 430 mm
Total height: 870 mm
Seat Width: 400 mm
Seat Depth: 460 mm
Backrest Height 260 mm
Handlebar Width: 390 mm
Ground Clearance: 40 mm
F. Wheel Diameter: 200 mm
B Wheel Diameter: 200 mm


The finer points of iFold UltraLite

Maximum speed maximum range maximum user weight
4 mph 8 miles 19 st 6lb
scooter weight heaviest part battery
14.7 kg 14.7 kg 10 ah
off-board charging fixed lights turning radius
Yes No 1230 mm
maximum slope tyre type suspension
8 Solid No